Dear visitor, welcome to my blog about running, cycling, gadgets, fun stuff, etc. which was formerly hosted on Blogger. As of March of 2018, new posts will only appear here.

My name is Máté Hegyháti, I am a Hungarian fun-runner, who simply likes running, cycling, swimming, hiking, etc., and sometimes writes posts about it. I'm a guy more focused on running at beautiful landscapes with a good company, than beating my PB for a given distance.

My MarathonMap.
Simplicity is a key policy of this site, so don't expect many fancy stuff. The site aims to be simple and stupid, fast to load, and easy to read on everything.

My marathonmap

I started running in the spring of 2013, and ran my first marathon in the January of 2014 in Marrakech, Morocco. Since then I always bring my running gear with me wherever I go. It is not a serious goal, more like a motivation, but I try to run in as many countries as possible, especially marathon races. So, using Pixelmap I created the maps below, which I'll keep updated :-)

Color codes

  • Countries I haven't visited yet
  • Countries I have visited, but didn't run.
  • Countries I have visited, and ran there, but not marathon races.
  • Countries where I ran a marathon race.

The marathon races

Year Country Name Time
2018-05-06 Skopje Wizz Air Marathon 4:33:52
2018-04-08 13. ČSOB Bratislava Marathon 3:59:35
2018-03-18 12. OPAP Limassol Marathon 3:55:22
2017-10-15 32. SPAR Budapest Maraton 4:05:52
2017-04-22 Reykjavík Vormaraþon 3:49:10
2017-04-02 12. ČSOB Bratislava Marathon 3:50:10
2017-01-07 7. Gútai vízkereszt maraton 3:55:08
2016-10-09 31. SPAR Budapest Maraton 4:00:59
2016-05-15 Intersport Keszthelyi Kilométerek Maraton 3:33:05
2015-05-24 Intersport Keszthelyi Kilométerek Maraton 3:51:31
2015-05-02 Gyulai Várfürdő Maraton 3:16:33
2014-11-16 36th Vodafone Istanbul Marathon 3:54:42
2014-06-08 Intersport Keszthelyi Kilométerek Maraton 4:16:31
2014-01-26 25ème Marathon International de Marrakech 4:03:18