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Pixelmap: a neat "running scratchmap" tool

09 June 2017

For a while now, I pack my running gear, whenever and wherever I travel, and I try to explore the city/region by running.  I think I can consider myself lucky, as I had the privilege of visiting quiet a few countries this way, and I always wanted to plot that on a world map. Today I decided to google around a little bit, and ended up with Pixelmap. 

In my very first blogpost I've already scratched this idea, and used umap to create nice maps of tracks based on gpx data. That serves however a different purpose. I also tried to use Ahotu Marathons to record my races. This has the benefits of showing more races from the same country, however, I've found it pretty cumbersome to use. So today I ended up with Pixelmap, which is a really handy tool, if one prefers to do this kind of scratchmap for running. 

A quick list of the most important features:
  • Different projections
  • Arbitrary zoom level
  • Any number of colors
  • Labels, Pins
  • SVG, HTML and PNG export
As a first try I defined 4 categories: not visited; visited, but no run; there was a run, but not a marathon; there wasat least one marathon. The endresult looks pretty nice:

The only thing I am missing is the ability to save it within the software for later extension.

So that's it, this was only a short post about this handy tool, and a way of breaking the silence here. Hopefully I'll come up soon with a travel blog entry. 

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